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Study with us in New Orleans!

Since 1968, we have offered our on-campus program in New Orleans, a city of faith steeped in history and religious culture.  Request Information »  

We have faculty grounded theologically, committed to teaching excellence, and contributing to research in the field.  Our students participate in a welcoming learning community and benefit from being a part of a Jesuit and Catholic university with a national reputation, including an award-winning library. 

But because of our location, our education extends beyond the classroom and is influenced by place, including by our churches that range in age from the French Quarter's St. Louis Cathedral, whose predecessor was started in 1718, to the recently opened St. Katharine Drexel Chapel designed by Cesar Pelli. Our historic, above-ground cemeteries are things or marvel, but they also reflect our ancestors' commitment to faith and hope.  Time here has rhythm that is punctuated by feasts and festivals--for Epiphany, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Sts. Patrick and Joseph, Jazz Fest, San Fermin, and so on.  

We name our approach "practical theology" because it attends not only to the themes of faith but also to the signs of the times and aims at transformation.  At the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, we live in one of the world's richest ecosystems that is, with global warming and energy exploration, also one of its most threatened.  Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill were (and are) disasters with outsize impacts locally, but they also elicited outpourings of generosity worldwide and revealed our region's resilience.  

What a classroom for studying theology and spirituality for the Church and world today! 

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