Welcome to LIM Online

Come and see about master’s degrees in theology and ministry offered fully online by the Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM) of Loyola University New Orleans! 

Join students from south Louisiana, around the United States, and around the world in a program informed by "practical theology," an approach that always asks "So what?  So, what are the implications of my studies for my faith, my life, my ministry, the Church, the world?"


LIM has a long history of distance education and of preparing adults to be leaders informed by Catholic and Jesuit traditions.  

LIM’s approach includes Ignatian spiritual formation and a strong theological core complemented by focus courses in ministry and religious education.  The program also includes the development of theologically sound and practical ministerial skills leading to professional competency.  LIM emphasizes community and communication. It promotes a broad vision of ministry, which holds that it is practiced in explicitly ecclesial contexts—in churches, schools, dioceses, and beyond—wherever people of faith live and work. 

 To learn more, take the Self-Assessment and see the Frequently Asked Questions below.