Master of Religious Education

Why a Master of Religious Education Degree?

Lay ministers working in variety of religious education contexts including diocesan schools, Parish Schools of Religion, R.C.I.A., and so forth work to promote within their students a sense of identity, reverence, and responsibility for life and the sacred. The Certificate in Religious Education provides educators with a broad and in-depth exploration of the field. The coursework combines the development of confidence and creativity in working out curricula and gives practice in crafting effective learning processes. Pursuing a Master of Religious Education degree provides individuals with a set of multi-disciplinary perspectives and methodologies to enrich their practice while at the same time earning a master’s degree from an institution with a long-standing reputation for excellence in education and ministerial formation.

Degree Requirements

The Master Religious Education (M.R.E.) is a 36-credit hour degree program. All courses are taken for graduate credit hours (crs), at the current tuition rate at LIM. 

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